Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Drop Off MTC - Provo Utah

Victoria reported to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah today at exactly 12:45 pm. It literally was a drop-off on the curbside where 2 young missionaries took her luggage and quickly escorted her into the building. Believe it or not it's better this way than having a long drawn out orientation where family is there and the tears just flow. When we pulled up one of the older gentlemen looked into the car and said "look at that smile! We love you already" I think that eased her fears right then and there.

Tori has been waiting and more importantly preparing for this mission for a long time - she is ready and we all know she will be a beacon of Hope, Truth, and Light to the people of El Salvador. If you wish to write, her contact and mailing information is linked to this blog. She will be in the Provo MTC for 3 weeks, then off to the Guatemala MTC for 6 weeks, then to El Salvador for the next 16 months. Watch for updates as I post her letters here.

May the Lord bless her and keep her. Via Con Dias!

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