Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Happens When You Kill The Queen Termite

Puchica! Mom, you look GREAT! Like  you look amazing in those pictures. Although, you probably look good in all pictures, because no one ever believes you're my fact they always think the picture of us in Maine by the waterfall is me and my's pretty funny.

Sorry, if the last email sounded like I was distracted...sometimes it's just weird when I have to rush to write. I dont know what to say. I am definitely still loving it here...this expereince is amazing beyond words. Sometimes, it's still so surreal to me. 

I really enjoyed your emails this week though...they were nice and long...haha. I am very interested to see the results of this 3d printer...sounds cool. And suspender clips sounds like your typical Pop-Pop joke. Also, a cat that thinks its a dog...sounds like exciting things in store for Jared and Alyssa. Dad, the bunk bed is beautiful! Oh and Hermana Perry says she wants to see a picture of Sister Sherrard and her crazy hair, she writes me all the time so she is quite famous here among the missionaries. The pictures of the snow Dad sent were gorgeous...I'm going to go print them. 

So, this week has been EXCITING! No we didnt have a baptism...but they're coming. We've been working really hard and finding new people to teach. I'm not going to lie, this missionary thing is hard...but it is totally worth it when you see someone just get it! Also, I think the Spanish has really clicked! Dad, you should know I am becoming an expert detective...I am great at tracking people down these days haha. 

The coolest missionary experience this week was actually with a family, in which the wife is active but the husband isnt and they have a five year old son (who is adorable). They are both returned missionaries and she asked us to come visit and talk with him. All we did was go in and sing "Hark All Ye Nations" to open the lesson and the spirit was strong. He just opened up about all his doubts. We talked about how this Gospel blesses families and makes us into better people it was awesome. He also shared with us his conversion story and how he loves the light you can see in missionaries. Pretty cool experience. Like I said, I love doing this. 

Also cool this week, our house was infested with termites! Over the past couple weeks this weird stuff had been falling from our ceiling. So Wednesday night I was laying in bed and I saw this HUGE nasty bug on the I killed it with a flip flop. Bad idea, I think it was the queen termite...because all of a sudden all this little versions of the same bug started falling from the ceiling onto our bed. After much screaming and spraying them with "OFF and whacking them with flip flops we decided to move our mattresses and sleep with our mosquito was an adventure. 

Well, I have to go. Zone leaders are on my tail about finishing. I love you tons! Miss you like crazy!


Hermana Giossi

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Love This Country and It's People

Hey Hey Hey!

Good news! I got the email from Daddy! I am a little bummed about missing his literary comedy though these past couple weeks.

I'm super proud of Grandma! I really hope she is enjoying the experience of reading the Book of Mormon and realizing how much it truly does testify of the Savior. I'm just about finished with it and will start reading it in Spanish next. My goal is to read all the standard works at least twice during my mission. Once in English and once in Spanish. 

Mom, I'm proud of you too. I get letters from members of the ward all the time telling me what a great Relief Society President you are. How much the ward loves you and how much you truly love your calling and it shows.

And then there's Zach. Sounds like he is doing awesome! (I wouldn't mind an email from him either...just saying). I bet he impressed at his interview for Old Colony. He's always had a way with people, especially adults. I hope he is staying strong in the church and always reading his scriptures. 

How is Nana doing? She looks great in the photos you sent me. 

Speaking of those photos ..I look at them just about daily. Everyone looks so happy and healthy. I mean this in the best way possible, but I don't really worry about you too much. I really hope everything is a wonderful as it seems. 

Now for what I've been up too because I'm sure that's what you're waiting for ;) Life here is pretty normal. In 3 weeks I'll hit my 6 month mark...then we'll have conference. I'm really looking forward to conference. I can't wait for my investigators to have the chance to hear the Prophet speak. And I know it will strengthen me and all the members. 

I really do love this country and these people. Sometimes it's hard for me to be here. There are so many poor people and there isn't a whole lot I can do physically. We're teaching this one woman, she works every single day in a grocery store and on her one day off she spends all day outside selling food (for almost nothing) on the street. She just wants to provide for her children. It's tough but  know that this gospel can bless people with happiness that they can't even imagine. Yesterday in church I realized how much I love it here and how good I feel. It's hard to explain but sometimes I forget that this isn't where I'm from. That these people are from a different country or speak a different language or that where I'm from not everyone is Latina. I really do feel at home here and I really do love these people and this work.

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in it's fullness.And that His doctrine and authority is found only in the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints. I know that this Gospel blesses people every single day and that through living the principles it teaches all of Heavenly Father's children how they can return to live with Him and their families forever. I love my Savior and strive to serve Him in the best way that I can. 

I love you, miss you and pray for you always.

Hermana Victoria Giossi

You got it all for the package. Maybe some more pictures from home. and/or pictures from my college days (unless you could email some which would be better). The Mo-Tab CD is called "Showtime"...I'm pretty sure. 

PPS Sorry for any grammatical or spellings errors. English is hard sometimes. And I'm typing really fast. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

P-Day is a Busy Day

Hello Again, 

So this is weird but for some reason my email thinks the Mom's email belongs to Zach, so I'm always sending emails to "Zach Giossi @ queeny" it's pretty funny. Also, has Daddy sent me emails recently, if so I have not gotten them :(  And while we're talking about random stuff, I'd like to write Lawrence a letter but I don't know where to send it (I'd also like his wedding invitation but who knows). And thank you to Nalani for writing me every single week. It takes dedication, especially since she only gets letters from me once every few weeks. It makes me feel very happy when I open my page and have an email from her. I put another letter in the mail for her last week (: Please elaborate on this signing in conference thing. 

Anyway, yes it is P-Day once again and yes it is a busy day. But the truth is, getting on this computer and writing home is easily the best part of the day. What is P-Day like? It's super BUSY. I don't know where the time goes. We have to do everything that you would normally do during the groceries, clean the house, still study and write home. Sometimes we do other stuff but mostly I use that time writing letters. Then at 6 we go to appointments for two hours. It's a good day and definitely needed after Sunday. 

Things are going well down here. Celso is doing AWESOME. He's starting his family history and already wants to do the work for his Dad.

We are teaching a man who is going blind and he really likes that the church believes in continuing revelation and miracle. Actually, he is "waiting for his miracle." He also wanted to know if our prophet and apostles have the same power as the originals in the Bible. And asked if our Prophet came to this country and could help him. Hermana Perry and I have studied, fasted and prayed (keeping in mind what D&C 23:13-14 says) and have decided to explain priesthood blessings to him and give him the options to receive one, from the Elders of course...not us...that would be apostasy. We'll see how this goes, I don't doubt this mans faith at all. In fact, he probably has more than I do. 

Let's see what else? Well we were supposed to have a ward mission activity this Friday. It was all planned and we were excited about it. Friday afternoon we got word that the 1st Counselor in the Stake Presidency's wife (who is also in our ward) had passed away and activities had been postponed because they were going to have the viewing in the church. These people do stuff fast here! She died at 11:00AM Friday, the viewing thing was at 8:00PM Friday night...and everyone knew. We stopped by the church at 7:30 to help set up and everyone was ready and waiting, it's nuts the sense of community they have down here.

Other than that stuff we're just working hard with the members to get references and help families know the truth of this Gospel. We're really focusing on families...because well, that is the focus of this gospel. My challenge for you this week is to read the Family Proclamation again as a family (without me, of course) and think about how it can be applied to strengthen our family. I've realized that the blessings of this gospel are meant for everyone, member of the church or not.

I love you so much! I miss you and pray for you daily. 

Con Amor,
Hermana Victoria Giossi

Mom, Hermana Perry says that reading Alma 59:1-2 reminds her of what she thinks you're like. Just replace Moroni's name with yours and Helaman's with mine. 

Photo: Hermana Perry, Me, Elder DeFig, Elder Steinhoek and Elder Contreras in the Family History Center where we write every week!