Thursday, August 22, 2013

In the Streets of El Salvador

First things first...OUCH Zach! Sounds pretty painful. But I have to say that as I was reading that I was thinking "What about football?" and then "Maybe Zach shouldn't play football, something always seems to happen whenever its time to play." Good to know Zach was thinking the same in the mission when that happens we blame it on the Spirit haha.

This week was a good one. We are working really hard and we are just happy. Things aren't going perfectly and we are learning everyday but we are always smiling and always working to improve.We have this couple that we're teaching, Jose and Mari, they are awesome! They absolutely love us and they just crack me up. Meeting with them is always the highlight of my day. And whenever Mari prays she ALWAYS prays for our families...that really touches me. Just thought I'd let you know.

Last Monday for P-Day we went to Morazon and enjoyed a relaxing day in the mountain home of a member. The house was gorgeous and we had fun cooking lunch, playing soccer and going on a little hike in the rain. 

This week we had a training meeting for all the new missionaries and their trainers. It was amazing...I am so lucky to have President and Hermana Glazier. We talked about a lot of things but my favorite was when we talked about how we choose to be happy. Hermana Glazier shared Alma 26:27 (one of my favorite scriptures) and talked about how suffering is part of life and it is the only way that we can grow. But we can always choose to be happy...even when things aren't easy. President talked about how the things that we do here will effect us for the rest of our lives. He mentioned how his life and the lives of generations to come were changed on the streets of Santiago Chile 40 years ago. I don't know why but that really hit me. What I am doing here in the streets of El Salvador will have more effects than I have thought about before. I am learning so much, this experience is changing me forever.  I love these streets and I know that the things that have happened here will always be a part of me. Yeah, I guess I'm just sentimental because that really inspired me.

Oh, I have a request. Do you think you could email me a couple pictures from my baptism. Thank you!

Love you!
Hermana Victoria Giossi

A Great Start to the Day


This week was cool. Unfortunately, I dont have to ability to upload pictures of the waterfall trip but I will send them next week. We worked hard and it payed off. We were able to teach lots of lessons and feel the spirit. We had 6 investigators in church and they all loved it! President sent me a message this week-It said, "We look forward to seeing you this weekend. You are great, you are doing a wonderful job. He is pleased with you." It's simple...but it made me feel good. I really dont want to let President down on this one. 

Anyway, today we are back in Morazon for a district P-Day excursion. I dont really know what we're goignt o do but it should be fun. I can tell its going to be a good stay because I stated it by stepping in dog poop. I imagine it was quite the sight at 7AM, as I stood hoping around on one foot and my district leader cleaned my shoes off. Everyone was just cracking up. Like I said, the start of a great day ;) 

I have to go though! Sorry this is so short. I love you! 

Hermana Victoria Giossi

Friday, August 9, 2013

I am Learning a Ton

President was right when he told me this would be hard. This week was rough...but I can feel my faith growing. We didnt have many lessons and our numbers were a little disappointing, but the lessons we did have were really good. I am training a couple of really powerful sisters. Hermana Sosa is a convert of only 2 years (she's actually from San Salvador and is waiting for her visa to Argentina) and has so much faith. She just says " These are trials that we are going through because our faith that we can see miracles is so strong." I am so grateful for her optimism and for both of them with their great desire to learn and grow as missionaries. I feel weird having to be the example for them because I am still learning how to be a missionary haha.

This part of the country is so pretty. I really missed the country after my 10 months straight of life in the city. On Friday for District meeting we went to Morazon (a different department/state) it was SO cool. The hour bus ride was full of gorgeous views. Today we're going to visit some waterfalls in our area. I'll send pictures next week :)
It great hearing from home. Of course I remember last years Surf and Turf spectacular. Mom, you did a great job with the photos this year. The corn looks we eat lots of corn. In more forms than you can imagine. Maybe next summer we can make some "elote loco" (crazy corn)...DELICIOUS!

I received one letter from the Metros in January. I have a response letter written, I just haven't gotten to the post office to send it. If he sent another one I wouldn't worry too much, now that I'm here in San Miguel I'll probably get mail like once a month...maybe.

Dad, it's true there isn't a whole lot in Saint George. But there is a temple with a visitors center ( I have a friend serving in that mission) you could check out. Also, there is Zion'a National Park and Arches National Park near by. Arches is super cool if you have a little time.

That picture of the twins and Travis is priceless...I cannot believe how stinking big Travis is! Who is that kid?
Not going to lie I'm a little embarrassed to hear that my English grammar has declined so terribly that it is noticeable in my letters. Especially considering sometimes I have to write a sentence three times in English to make it sound "right". Oh well. Losing myself in the work right?
Love you. Miss you. Pray for you.
Hermana Victoria Giossi

Monday, August 5, 2013

Yeah, It's Hot Here

...I have been transferred to the hottest part of the country! In fact part of me wishes the shower water was just a little bit colder. I bathe twice a day; once at night just before I go to bed, I do it fully clothed and then sleep in my wet clothing to keep cooler...yeah, its hot here. I have never sweat SO much! I am now in the zone San Miguel (you can look at a map of El Salvador and will see that it is one the other side of the country from San Salvador. After 10 months in the city I am in the country. Me and my two companions (Hermana Sosa and Hermana Fuentes) are the first Hermanas here in 4 years! The ward is SO excited to have us!

This week was pretty crazy! Wednesday we had change meeting. I was so nervous, looking at the new Hermanas wondering which two would be my companions, wondering where I would be going. What area I would be opening. Imagine my surprise when my face popped up in the "elder Zone"...everyone gasped and President was just laughing. He just looked at me "How do you feel Hermana Giossi?" "Good" "Oh yeah, have you ever been to San Miguel?" "Nope" "Get ready for a long trip." Haha. Its like 3 hours from my old area.
My companions are also super excited to be opening an area. We talked alot on the bus ride and I could already tell they were amazing. I am learning so much from them already.

There are definitely challenges ahead for us though. We got here Wednesday night and were greeted by the two Elders who we will be sharing the ward with. They're great! The three of us were told we had about an hour to study and then we had to go to a meeting with the ward mission leader and the elders. Turns out this ward is in trouble. We have 90 days to get the church attendance from about 67 to 120. We were trying to plan all of the ideas we could think of and people kept passing by the room smiling at us. They could not believe that we are here and they are so excited to have us. I have never felt so welcome in a ward. We feel a little pressure too though because this ward is expecting alot from us. I know there will be lots of prayer and fasting in the future.

The members are amazing here though. They take care of us. I have eaten with members every single day. Some of them don't have a lot but they are just so willing and happy to feed all five of us missionaries. This Saturday we did a big ward service project (see picture below of me with my companions). It was so much fun...I think service projects are my favorite thing to do in the mission...second only to baptisms. We saw a miracle here yesterday. Last week the ward had a church attendance of 67 people...this week it was 108! Less active members who hadn't come in years came! I know that the Lord's hand is guiding the growth of His church. 

I loved reading the email this week. Cried a little bit reading about the family get together. Good to know you all haven't forgotten me just yet. I miss you all too; Especially when we eat with members because I think of our family dinners with the missionaries. I'm glad people enjoy reading the blog. Sometimes I think my emails are probably a little boring but I do my best :) I love you and miss you.
Hermana Giossi