Monday, November 11, 2013

"Champitas" House of Metal - A Humble Country

Haha, seriously, my companions almost died when they saw the photo Daddy sent of me cheering. Dad, maybe you shouldn't spend too much time in my makes you miss me too much he he  Don't worry I'll be home in a short 5 months...its like one semester of school. 

From the looks of all this race pictures you've been sending me I will need to buy some lime green workout gear. Sweet! I already have the socks! 

I had totally forgotten about Pinterest. But I cant believe that Nana is using it, that is crazy. I have learned quite a few recipes here, mostly for drinks great for summer but I can also make a pretty good guacamole (yes, I now eat guacamole). We're going to have some fun experimenting when I get home.

Mom, as far as all the work for the family. Start now! Get Grandpa and Joe baptized now! Have Gi Gi meet with the Sister Missionaries!

This week for us was good. We have working hard and still seeing the results. This week we saw a small miracle in that 4 investigators and 14 less-actives came to church! My smile grew as each one of them entered the chapel, I just couldn't hold in my excitement. I also gave a talk in sacrament meeting using the talk by Elder Andersen in the April Conference "It's a Miracle". 

Today we stopped by the business of a member-she owns her own beauty school and cuts and styles all the missionaries (The Ramos Family that take care of us big time). They have one son in the mission and one who is leaving the 4th of December. She grabbed me in a hug and said "I hope Hermana Giossi stays here with us" and then later she was looking at me and said "I really do feel like you are all my children. i love you all." She's amazing. I know I have the chance to know them because of the way my family takes care of the missionaries...please don't stop haha.

Gotta Go! Love you lots! Miss you tons! 

Hermana Giossi


you wanted to see houses...this is a house of one of our old investigators. We call the house of metal "champitas". But don't worry not all the houses are like this. 

I love the mission...its an adventure! 

The Red Sox Win the World Series!!!!! Whaaaat???

When I saw that email title I was kind of confused. I didn't know if it was a joke or what haha. But that's pretty exciting and especially that they won in Boston. And the Patriots, I hope they win the Superbowl! 

Sounds like Stake Conference was pretty awesome. And what is up with Andrew? Will he just get baptized already! He's practically a member. I mean, he went to the Preisthood conference. And Barry Patraiko, him too. Come one guys. The southcoast ward needs more Preisthood! Haha.

This week was a good one. Training Hermana Martinez is interesting, she was mini-missionary in the other mission and they are not a strict there so it is interesting helping her adapt to the rules here. The week our sacrament attendance was up and we had a great Ward Counsel meeting. I have seen so much growth in the ward. On Thursday we were in the huge Family Night in a members house and as we played they game I realized how much I love these members. I never want to leave this ward (which means I'll probably have changes soon haha). 

As far a Christmas, I don't really want much. By the time the package gets here I'll only have like 3 months left and I don't want to have a lot of extra stuff to bring home in my suitcases. But maybe a Red Sox world series shirt...but not a fitted a mans t-shirt size small. And maybe some makeup. And the red jacket thing I mentioned. 

As far a sending pictures goes, I will do my best. I mean, its not the smartest idea to just whip my camera out and start snapping pictures in the street. But I will do my best.

I love you all and miss you so much! 

Hermana Giossi 


1. This is a street a walk down almost everyday. This is the volcano of San Miguel (Chaparrastique). I love this view. 

2. This is a picture taken in the neighborhood we live in. We are drinking "Atol de Pina" Its a hot pineapple drink. It was my first time trying it so we took pictures. And yes, we always drink from bags haha. 

My Feet Belong to Someone Else

For some reason this week they shortened our writing time....... This week was great! Jose Emerito got baptized. The Friday before his baptism we visited him and he told us that the week before we came he had been praying to grow closer to God again and in the same week we came to the house with his friend. He took that to be his answer and for that reason was so willing to obey all the commandments without a second thought.

I was a little sad however because Hermana Anaya wasn't able to see it. Last Monday during lunch President called us (that always means somethings up) and told us we would have changes. We ran around like crazy packing Hermana Anaya bags to make it to change at 5pm. She didn't go very far (still in San Miguel) but I do miss her. My new companion is Hermana Martinez, I am training her. She is from SonSonate El Salvador and also waiting for a visa to Argentina but wants to change her mission to stay here. She served a 5 months mini-mission and therefor is super prepared! She is young though and sometimes it shows. But I love her and we laugh a ton! 

Other than that I don't really know what to say haha. Oh, I am working with less active members and I have been trying to figure out how to help them. I don't know if maybe Mom, Dad Nana and PopPop could help me by sending me your stories. I'd love to know what helped you come back to the church, how it felt and everything. Thanks. 

All my love,

Hermana Victoria Giossi


1. El Salvador is the land of the hammocks...I totally plan on putting hooks in my house to have one...They're SO comfortable!

2. Our feet. I know, my toes look like they belong to a different person. 

3. Jose feeling happy before his baptism.

Save my Lambs


Vaya! Sign me up for this tough scramble thing...if you think I can do it. I mean A month isn't very long to train. Seriously, I am in shock that this is even an option right now, that I will be home in time to sign me up for some race. 

When did we get a trio of Sisters. I imagine the whole world are in trios. I will probably never be in a pair again. Also, exciting to hear that Brother Metro came and that it was a good time. I miss the Metros. 

This week was a good one. We did not have changes but we did at the same time. On Monday they called and told us that we would all be staying. Wednesday night at 10:28 our Zone Leader called and told us we have to be in San Salvador at 9am for a special training meeting. We have been selected to complete a special assignment as "Missionary Rescue Leaders" (it sounds better in Spanish...I think President Made it up). Our primary responsibility is no longer only investigators but less-active members. We are assigned to visit the less-active families in the ward and help them to be more converted to the gospel. President said that he feels as though it is something we don't do enough as missionaries and he is confident that by working with less-actives we will have more success establishing the church here in El Salvador. And really this is what Gavidia needs. During the training meeting I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my Heavenly Father and for the missionaries that did so much for us. I am so excited to work in this assignment and know that it will be a blessing in my life and the lives of many others. 

We also had the wedding this weekend. Talk about stressful! Seriously getting people married down here is incredibly complicated! But it was a beautiful night and they were happy. I tried to play photographer haha. 

Love you! 

Hermana Victoria Giossi


1. I mean to send this last week but couldnt hook up my camera. Took this on Mom's birthday! 

2. Wedding of Chepe and Mari!

3. Cutting the cake 

4. Baptism of Maria Teresa! Her brother baptized her. He is a returned-missionary that served in Nicaragua and her mom (orange) has been a member for like 20 years.