Saturday, January 26, 2013

Are You From God?

Hello All, 

How is everyone doing? First thing, I did not get transferred and neither did Hermana Perry, we're both still here working in Mejicanos. I will be looking forward with great anticipation to my package and letter from Brother Metro. NalaniI have been getting your emails and I love them! I sent you a letter like two weeks ago, SO you should get it by March ;) But keep writing  I'll keep reading. Also, I will be sending another letter and asking you to do me a favor. And thanks for all the updates. Anyway, super cool to hear about Christina...kinda crazy that it's the same mission as Leslie. Want to hear something weird, when she enters the MTC I will have been on my mission 7 months. Time flies by so fast.
Sounds like life is busy for everyone back home. Dad is jet-setting all over the country, Mom has enlisted in the British Special forces and Zach is now a Vet. Did I get that all right? But really sounds crazy back home. Dad, you can let this commando guy you met know that the Book of Mormon is available online until he can get a hard copy. Just go to and look for Scriptures. But he should definitely get a hard copy too. So Dad you went to Sundance while out in Utah? Did you see any films? I have some great memories from that place. It does sound like Zach is growing up alot. He's going to be so old when I get home. I loved his letter. I will be sending him a letter and I think I'm going to include some fun Salvadoran phrases for him. Mom, you are crazy! I bet you could do the Tough Mudder no problem. Don't let just the one obstacle stop you from going for it. My companion says she wants to be friends with you because you sound awesome. 

My week was interesting, lots of crazy stuff happened...well it felt crazy for me. 

First we saw some sort of religious parade. There were a bunch of people marching down the street, playing music, shooting off fireworks and carrying what we thought was a statue of Jesus on a bed of flowers. But then as we looked closer we realized it was not Jesus. It was a statue with a bunch of arrows in it. Super confusing. Turns out it was just some random saint or something.

We were walking through an apartment complex one day when this 10 year old child came  running up to us and asked, "Are you from God?" "Yes We Are!" Then he started telling us about how he used to have our book, but he lost it and has been trying to find it. And asking when we could come to his house and teach him. The children always know. So we're going to go by this week. 

It rained, which is weird for El Salvador in January. This week it's been a little cooler than normal. Now, I say a little cooler but I mean like 70 degrees, (or idk, 20C). But you would think it was snowing. People are walking around wearing winter jakets and scarfs. And everyone keeps telling us how cold they are. It's crazy. 

We found a BYU shirt at a random store on the side of the road. We were just walking down the street and saw the good ole Cougar just hanging in a store. We stopped and bought it. $2...we were so excited!

The other day this random man came walking up to us in the street telling us he would like to serve a mission. We taught him on Sunday, turns out he knows almost nothing about the Bible or Jesus. But he came to church with us and told us he really liked it and wants to come back. We're going to be teaching him...should be interesting. 

The craziest (and most stressful) thing about this week was we didn't get to teach Celso. He is supposed to get baptized this Saturday coming and we didn't even talk to him this week. We could not find him ANYWHERE. We were so worried that something happened and we were praying a ton. We finally got in touch with him Sunday night. He didn't understand why we were worried, told us he feels great about his baptism and doesn't even miss coffee. I wanted to thank him for the stomach ulcer. haha.

So that's my life lately. I don't know what else to say. Hope you enjoyed the pictures (I stole the adapter from that Elder). I love you and miss, I will write more next week I promise. 
Pray for you always. 

Hermana Victoria Giossi

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