Thursday, January 10, 2013

Querida Familia

HOLA! I've been doing really well. I'm almost done with my first change in the field...crazy, I can hardly believe it. This morning I had my interview with President (we have them like every other change or something). He is truly an inspired man called of God. He loves us so much, you can just tell and he has such a great way of bringing the Spirit. Also, one of our investigators will be getting baptized at the end of this month, his name is Celso. His wife is a less-active member and they have a 2 year old son. Sometimes it's hard to teach because the kid is so stinking cute. But we have had some really powerful lessons with him. This last one we were trying to pick a baptismal date for him and we all said a prayer together kneeling. And then listened for the Spirit. It was so strong. And I know he felt it too. Oh and one day we went over and he wasn't home, so we just visited with his wife and she told us that once he's baptized the goal will be the Temple to be sealed. I'm so excited for them.
Sounds like Daddy is keeping busy, flying all over the country for work and building his flight simulator cockpit. Not going to lie, that actually sounds pretty cool. And Zach will be moving into the basement room I hear, should be fun. I don't want to freak him out but living down there prepared me a little for life here in El Salvador, living with bugs and all that stuff. The kid is a little dare-devil though, and it sounds like he had a pretty awesome Christmas. I can wait for my para cord bracelet, maybe I could attach one end to my companion so we don't have another bus incident. Mom you asked about drunks...I don't know if there are more here, but I think so. But it is true that I didn't hang out in the city like a do now. Or maybe they are just easier to recognize because for some reason every single one of them speaks English. Their accent is always good, although most of the time the sentence doesn't make any sense. It's fun, sometimes we tell them that we don't speak English, and even funnier sometimes they believe us.
I got quite a few emails this week. One from Jen with pictures of the girls. SO STINKING CUTE! I will be writing her back. Also, still waiting on my letters and packages from Mom, Zach and Mattison. Mail takes forever. Wow, I already have to go, this week email time went super fast. Next week I will try to write more. Love you and pray for you always. Hermana Victoria Giossi

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