Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trip to the Ruins!


We found out about changes today, Hermana Perry and I will both be here together for at least another 6 weeks. Yes the package was great, I have now actually had a chance to enjoy the contents. The bracelet is super chivo (cool), and you're right the beef jerkey is super rico (rich, but it means its tastes really good), I am also enjoying the candy, and you will be seeing the results of the adapter shortly :) 

Okay, so the super cool activity from Friday. We got to go to RUINS! They aren't open on Mondays, which is why we had to change P-Day. The things is President never authorizes changes in P-Day, but we have the office elders and assistants in our zone and their P-day is always Friday. The assistants put in a good word with President asking if we could have a zone P-day and I dont know all the details but he gave us permission to go! We are probably one of the only groups in our mission who will have had this opportunity so I´m pretty grateful for the chance. 

First we went to the ruins at San Adres, which is like a temple site. (you can probably look these places up on Wikipedia if you want). It was really cool and we had so much fun as a zone. The Elders all played King of the Hill and were battling with each other (boys will be boys), I of course took pictures. There was also a group of tourists there from South Carolina. I was totally confused when I heard a southern voice talking to me in English, the funniest part was that I began to respond in Spanish (it's a habit , poor thing looked absolutely shocked so I switched to English. (She was asking me why there was no toilet paper in the stall in the bathroom-it's a thing here, you have to get it from outside before you go in). But the assistants were telling me there are some really nice (cheap) hotels around all the tourist sites, so maybe one day we could family trip it back here one day...maybe. But Costa Rica is probably prettier, lol. 

Next we headed over to Joya de Ceren, which are ruins of just an everyday city. It was so cool. And really peaceful. It was kind of weird to think about how thousands of years ago there were just people there living there lives. I'm sure they never imagined a group of weirdly dressed jovenes (young people) would be gawking at the ruins of their homes and town square. Also, Hermana Perry and I got to ride with the assistants in their truck, it had AC. I can't remember the last time I felt AC! Oh and a clown helped us cross the street, haha. 

Man, I want to see pictures of all this snow, that's crazy! 2 Big storms in a row. As far as the tough mudder, I'm sad I'll be missing this. Dad should do it! Whenever the other missionaries see pictures of Daddy they always mention how big he is. "El es bien fuerte?" which is to ask if he's strong. 

As far as package requests go, just that one CD ("Showtimes" or something like that) and my "Called to Serve" CD, I think it's in the RAV. And more pictures! I LOVE PICTURES! Also, surprises, I like surprises. 

Pray for you always. Love you and Miss you! 

Hermana Victoria Giossi


 Making Pupusas with our recent convert Dora. She taught us how but the recipe is kinda complicated. I might have to do it a few more times before I could make them for you. But you will try them one way or another when I get home. They are SO good. 

 At the Ruins at San Adres. My hair is looking real good, I know. But theres not much I can do about it in this heat. Also, Hermana Perry and I thought we were going to be last to the bus and we ran the usual 15 minute walk to the chapel in 5 mins. 

 At San Andres with Hermana Perry. We were SO excited to be there

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