Monday, February 11, 2013

Visit from the President & Wife!

Hello all,

Celso finally got baptized. Technically I have 3 baptisms but this is really the first person I taught, and watched as they changed their life. His wife is already a member, so in a year they can be sealed in the Temple, how exciting is that?! You know, baptisms are what makes the mission so worth it, but they're also pretty stressful. You want it to be perfect and wonderful for this person so that they remember it. The problem is that we have had really low ward attendance at our other baptisms, so we were working really hard to make sure everything went perfect with this one. So Thursday afternoon(Baptism was Thursday night) we come home from District Meeting and we have a missed call from President's cell phone...that's super weird, President doesn't just call, usually just the zone leaders relay mission business to you. We called him back immediately, and he asked us what time our baptism was and then told us, "Great, see you there." So we were super stressed after that. Sure enough, in they came and President even gave a little thought. He is super powerful. It amazes me always. Hermana Glazier told us afterwards that she thinks we just baptized a future Stake President...sweet!

We saw alot of President and Hermana Glazier this week, Tuesday we went up to the mission home for a Hermana Conference. All the sisters in the mission were there (28 of us). It was super fun and inspiring. Also, there is one hermana newer than me in the mission, wooho! She is really homesick though, she told me these have been the longest 2 weeks of her life. She asked me if I felt like that...the truth is no. Of course I miss everyone but I'm having so much fun. Time is flying by. For example, I was looking at the calendar the other day in amazement that January was already over. I thought to myself, "Wow, I've already been here for a whole month, that went fast." Then I realized I've been here for 2. 

Let's see what's else happened this week? I learned how to make Pupusas with Dora, one of our recent converts. That was really fun, maybe next week I'll send pictures. I have a passion fruit, they are super delicious. I introduced Hermana Perry to Nancy' salve...she is amazed by it. One of our investigators told us he is an explosive person and he doesn't like when people mistreat others. He told us this story about one time when he was on the bus and he saw a man trying to rob a 14 year old, our investigator grabbed the man's hand and then started stabbing him with a pen until he left the bus. Whoa a bit crazy.

Sounds like everyone is doing amazing. So happy for Grandma (THANK YOU) that is amazing. Not, as happy about the Ravens beating the 49ers. But, I had pretty much forgotten the Superbowl was this week.

Well, I gotta go so others can write. Love you, miss you, pray for you always. 

Hermana Victoria Giossi

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