Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Happens When You Kill The Queen Termite

Puchica! Mom, you look GREAT! Like  you look amazing in those pictures. Although, you probably look good in all pictures, because no one ever believes you're my fact they always think the picture of us in Maine by the waterfall is me and my's pretty funny.

Sorry, if the last email sounded like I was distracted...sometimes it's just weird when I have to rush to write. I dont know what to say. I am definitely still loving it here...this expereince is amazing beyond words. Sometimes, it's still so surreal to me. 

I really enjoyed your emails this week though...they were nice and long...haha. I am very interested to see the results of this 3d printer...sounds cool. And suspender clips sounds like your typical Pop-Pop joke. Also, a cat that thinks its a dog...sounds like exciting things in store for Jared and Alyssa. Dad, the bunk bed is beautiful! Oh and Hermana Perry says she wants to see a picture of Sister Sherrard and her crazy hair, she writes me all the time so she is quite famous here among the missionaries. The pictures of the snow Dad sent were gorgeous...I'm going to go print them. 

So, this week has been EXCITING! No we didnt have a baptism...but they're coming. We've been working really hard and finding new people to teach. I'm not going to lie, this missionary thing is hard...but it is totally worth it when you see someone just get it! Also, I think the Spanish has really clicked! Dad, you should know I am becoming an expert detective...I am great at tracking people down these days haha. 

The coolest missionary experience this week was actually with a family, in which the wife is active but the husband isnt and they have a five year old son (who is adorable). They are both returned missionaries and she asked us to come visit and talk with him. All we did was go in and sing "Hark All Ye Nations" to open the lesson and the spirit was strong. He just opened up about all his doubts. We talked about how this Gospel blesses families and makes us into better people it was awesome. He also shared with us his conversion story and how he loves the light you can see in missionaries. Pretty cool experience. Like I said, I love doing this. 

Also cool this week, our house was infested with termites! Over the past couple weeks this weird stuff had been falling from our ceiling. So Wednesday night I was laying in bed and I saw this HUGE nasty bug on the I killed it with a flip flop. Bad idea, I think it was the queen termite...because all of a sudden all this little versions of the same bug started falling from the ceiling onto our bed. After much screaming and spraying them with "OFF and whacking them with flip flops we decided to move our mattresses and sleep with our mosquito was an adventure. 

Well, I have to go. Zone leaders are on my tail about finishing. I love you tons! Miss you like crazy!


Hermana Giossi

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