Thursday, March 7, 2013

P-Day is a Busy Day

Hello Again, 

So this is weird but for some reason my email thinks the Mom's email belongs to Zach, so I'm always sending emails to "Zach Giossi @ queeny" it's pretty funny. Also, has Daddy sent me emails recently, if so I have not gotten them :(  And while we're talking about random stuff, I'd like to write Lawrence a letter but I don't know where to send it (I'd also like his wedding invitation but who knows). And thank you to Nalani for writing me every single week. It takes dedication, especially since she only gets letters from me once every few weeks. It makes me feel very happy when I open my page and have an email from her. I put another letter in the mail for her last week (: Please elaborate on this signing in conference thing. 

Anyway, yes it is P-Day once again and yes it is a busy day. But the truth is, getting on this computer and writing home is easily the best part of the day. What is P-Day like? It's super BUSY. I don't know where the time goes. We have to do everything that you would normally do during the groceries, clean the house, still study and write home. Sometimes we do other stuff but mostly I use that time writing letters. Then at 6 we go to appointments for two hours. It's a good day and definitely needed after Sunday. 

Things are going well down here. Celso is doing AWESOME. He's starting his family history and already wants to do the work for his Dad.

We are teaching a man who is going blind and he really likes that the church believes in continuing revelation and miracle. Actually, he is "waiting for his miracle." He also wanted to know if our prophet and apostles have the same power as the originals in the Bible. And asked if our Prophet came to this country and could help him. Hermana Perry and I have studied, fasted and prayed (keeping in mind what D&C 23:13-14 says) and have decided to explain priesthood blessings to him and give him the options to receive one, from the Elders of course...not us...that would be apostasy. We'll see how this goes, I don't doubt this mans faith at all. In fact, he probably has more than I do. 

Let's see what else? Well we were supposed to have a ward mission activity this Friday. It was all planned and we were excited about it. Friday afternoon we got word that the 1st Counselor in the Stake Presidency's wife (who is also in our ward) had passed away and activities had been postponed because they were going to have the viewing in the church. These people do stuff fast here! She died at 11:00AM Friday, the viewing thing was at 8:00PM Friday night...and everyone knew. We stopped by the church at 7:30 to help set up and everyone was ready and waiting, it's nuts the sense of community they have down here.

Other than that stuff we're just working hard with the members to get references and help families know the truth of this Gospel. We're really focusing on families...because well, that is the focus of this gospel. My challenge for you this week is to read the Family Proclamation again as a family (without me, of course) and think about how it can be applied to strengthen our family. I've realized that the blessings of this gospel are meant for everyone, member of the church or not.

I love you so much! I miss you and pray for you daily. 

Con Amor,
Hermana Victoria Giossi

Mom, Hermana Perry says that reading Alma 59:1-2 reminds her of what she thinks you're like. Just replace Moroni's name with yours and Helaman's with mine. 

Photo: Hermana Perry, Me, Elder DeFig, Elder Steinhoek and Elder Contreras in the Family History Center where we write every week!

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