Thursday, April 18, 2013

Scientology and Salvation

Hey Family!

Emails from all 3 of you this week! Zach's just barely came in...I was actually in the process of writing how I didn't get an email from him and then Bam! New message in the inbox. Mom, thank you for the pictures...I love them! Dad, I don't even know where to begin with responding to your email. But thanks for the laughs! It was thoroughly (sp?) hilarious.

I'm so glad to hear you got the package, I was worried about that. I debated telling you about it but I thought it would be better as a surprise. I will let you know when my package gets here. I should know almost immediately as I now have a real in with the office elders. 

This week was not too exciting. Other than I think I need to rethink the way I explain my purpose as a missionary to the people here. In this past week we had a man try and convert us to Scientology and another try to save us through what I know to be the sinners prayer. First the Scientology thing: this guy was crazy! we went in to teach him for the first time (after contacting him on the street) and after we sat down he just got up and started bringing all these random books in and telling us how awesome this Scientology was. He was jumping up and down and running all over the house speaking half Spanish and half English ..we were slightly uncomfortable (especially since we had a member with us) so we tried to ask him if we could bless his house with a prayer and then leave him to his studies. He said he didn't believe in God or prayers and didn't want to we left. Then later in the week we went to teach this man and his family the first lesson. When we invited him to pray about our message he said he would if we would say the prayer found in Romans 10:9-10 with him. My companion was confused but I knew what he was talking about. He asked us if we had ever said the prayer to accept Jesus into our hearts...I told him "yes we all should have Jesus in our hearts"  My companion was super confused though. He was trying to save us...he wanted us to say the prayer out loud with him. Remember when I used to do that. I probably would have kept talking about this subject with him but my companion was uncomfortable so we just left after closing the lesson with a  prayer.

But no worries my testimony is still in tact; I haven't converted to anything else. Ha Ha!

Gotta go eat now. Love you lots! Miss you tons! Until next week

Hermana Victoria Giossi

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