Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bring on the Rain!


I had heard about the attack in Boston, but not in as much detail. All of the members and investigators know I'm from "Boston" so they were all very concerned for my family. I just about cried reading about the 8 year old boy. Shelby also sent me an email she said something I really liked, "There is more good than evil in this world". It's true. It's a shame that sometimes it takes an evil act just to see how much good there really is around us. I like this BOSTON STRONG thing...I'm sure there are tons of inspiring stories and funny memes coming out. Thank you for sharing with me. I think it's important that even though we're far from each other we are sharing our lives. 

I also debated for a while whether to tell you something that happened this week or not but when I opened my email I had my answer. I am totally fine but my backpack was stolen. I'm pretty bummed out because it happened Sunday so I had all my stuff from church including my camera (and all my photos, memory card and adapter), nice Spanish scriptures, and everything else including my license. I'm pretty bummed out especially about the pictures and scriptures. I just felt like I needed to let you know because I'm probably going to buy a new camera and have no idea what to do about the ID situation. Luckily I did not have my credit card in the bag. Like I said I really didn't want to tell you this because I know you'll worry but you really shouldn't  things are calm in this area. Plus since we lost our house key we got to spend the night with another pair of sisters and they have HOT WATER...I had forgotten what a shower in hot water was like.
The downside is my agenda was also in my bag and it had all my notes about the stuff I wanted to write to you this week. I know I was going to say that rainy season had started! I was so excited when it started to downpour the other night...I'm so ready for this. There is nothing like falling asleep to the sound of rain. 

Also, my testimony of how much Heavenly Father answers prayers was strengthened big time this week. One of our investigators shared a very special experience she had after praying to know if the church is true. She dreamed about the temple in such a way that when she woke up she was still feeling the spirit so strong. Please pray for her, Cecilia, she investigated the church about a year ago but I really think she's ready now. We also had another investigator receive an answer that really impacted her. After our first lesson with her we asked if there was anything we could ask for her specifically and she asked us to pray that she could find work. This happened on a Tuesday and on Thursday she found a job. For someone who had never really prayed before this had a big impact on her. She told the story in an FHE with our Bishop and his family, and they loved having the opportunity to hear it too. She now prays every morning and night and is reading the Book of Mormon. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and that he is waiting for us to exercise our faith so that He can pour the blessings out upon us. 

My mailing address is the same. You just mail letters to the mission and I get them from the office.  That wont change until maybe the mission change...but I am not even sure about that.

I love you and miss you. Pray for you always.

Hermana Victoria Giossi

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