Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Gift Of Tongues

Welp I have quite a bit to talk about. First off, I did get my package from the Normandins, it was full of all sorts of goodies to keep me nice an clean hehe. I have bad news...I was not able to get the pictures of the salt painting from Hermana Perry before changes.

Which brings us to the fact that I had changes this past week. I am now in Miramonte. It's pretty different. It's really city and there is MONEY. I'm pretty sure I am in the richest stake in the country. It's a big area so I have a lot to learn in these coming weeks. The cool part is the TEMPLE is in my zone. I get to see it every Monday and Thursday, in fact I can see it out the window right now. It is such a beautiful building and the spirit here is amazing. I was a little sad to leave Hermana Perry, we became really good friends but I'm sure we'll be friends at BYU. My new companion is Hermana Bowers, also a Norte. She's from Utah and is a nurse. In fact she is the mission nurse.  I can already tell this is going to be an interesting experience. We get all sorts of crazy phone calls. But at least now you know I'll be nice and healthy, I thought mom would be happy. Also, good news, we go to the mission office every Tuesday so I will know much sooner when my packages arrive. I think this should be a good time. 

So being in the Stake of the Temple for conference was pretty special. We watched conference in the the chapel right outside the temple. I really loved Elder Holland and Elder Andersen's talks...about believing and faith overcoming doubt. I also felt like there was alot of talk about missionary work. I do love when they talk about missionary work. So I had a pretty cool experience Saturday morning that I would like to share. One of our new investigators agreed to come to conference. We ended up arriving about 45 mins early. It gave us the opportunity to walk around the temple with her...she was in absolute awe and overcome by the Spirit of this sacred place. She was so sad she couldn't go inside and told her she thinks this must be the most special place in all of El Salvador  I loved  being with her and I love this opportunity to share the joy I have with others. I really do feel so blessed to have been in this place for conference...Heavenly Father knows where to put us and when that is for sure. 
don't know if I'll be in any but there was a photographer taking photos for the church. This is is blog if you want to check the pics out...

Also, really cool point about being in a new area other than the one I started in is getting to know new people. Yesterday after a conversation I was asked which country I was from and they didn't believe me when I said the US. They told be I didn't even have an accent when I spoke...I was SO happy I could have cried. I pray everyday for the gift of tongues so that I can teach with the Spirit in the language of these people and not have to worry about them not understanding. I felt like that comment was an answer to those prayers. 

Other random stuff. If you could accept "Irene Medina" on my facebook that would be great, shes Celso's wife. Who is the other counselor in your RS presidency. 
I love you and hope all is well. See you in about a year! 
Hermana Victoria Giossi
P.S. Next phone call May 12
1. At the "Puerta Del Diablo" hair is gross 

2. Hermana Bowers and I in front of the Temple

3. With President and Sister Peterson (Temple President and Matron). They had us over for lunch between Saturday Sessions. 

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