Friday, June 14, 2013

I Love to see the Temple


The pictures are amazing from your triathlon, who needs those pictures they charge an arm and a leg've got Jen. Although I couldn't help but notice that you have BRIGHT GREEN finger nails! What is that?! Haha. One of the sisters in my zone saw me looking at the pictures and told me that her mom also does triathlons and did the tough mudder a couple weeks ago, I thought that was pretty cool. 

This week was another one full of small miracles. We had 7 investigators in church this week (that is the most I have ever had). It always amazes me when an investigator comes to church for the first time. Here, almost everyone is a member of some church or another and have been for a long time. When they come to church with us , it is a true act of faith. They leave what they are comfortable with to follow what they have felt the Spirit saying to them. I t amazes me. 

My investigator Lisset came and brought her niece and nephew and we are going to start teaching them now (we are already teaching their mom). Her family is absolutely amazing...The Giron Family. Her brother and his wife joined the church in October in a different ward but have since moved here. They are so powerful, I have never heard such a strong testimony develop so quickly, they have really allowed their faith the be tried and received the blessings of it. I have big dreams for this family.

Another family also came to church, the Garcia Family. We had a lesson with them Saturday night and the spirit was so strong. We taught about the Book of Mormon and then invited them to church. The wife just started to open up and talk about how she loves how she feels when we visit and wants to see what the church is like. The husband was a little bit more difficult and he had his reasons for not wanting to keep church hopping. While he was talking I got the strong impression to share my experience of going to church for the first time. I know that I was guided by the Spirit in that moment because even though I always bear the most sincere testimony I can I don't always share very personal experiences with whatever investigator we're teaching but I just felt like I had to do it. They agreed to come to church just to try it out. We promised them that they would be blessed and they would learn something that would help them to become stronger as a family...the sacrament meeting theme this week: Eternal Marriage :)

I also got to go to a different area for 24 hours on exchanges and my companion was Hermana Hale (Elder Millet's cousin who's blog I was reading). I had such an amazing time. She taught me so much in such a short amount of time, and it was all by her example. Plus I was reminded of how easy it is to love people in only moments. I had met all these investigators she had for the first time and within minutes I was completely focused in what we could say to help them understand how the gospel could bless their lives. 

And as if all this wasn't enough to have an amazing week, the icing on the cake was the chance to go to the temple (see photos). I had really been missing going to the temple these last couple weeks so the trip was much needed. I just love the peace you feel the second you walk in to that sacred building. And sitting in the celestial room I was filled with a feeling of love that I can't really describe. 

I have never felt closer to my Heavenly Father than I do right now. I am learning more about myself and my relationship with him than I ever thought I would. IKNOW that He loves us and that He always knows what is best for us. I just want to strive everyday to be worthy of this calling and to become an instrument in His hands. I know that this is His work. I know that this church is His kingdom on the earth and that there is now faster way to happiness than through the principles of the Gospel.

I love you and I pray for you always.

Hermana Victoria Giossi


1-Me in front of the temple

2-My zone, Ilopango and the zone Los Heroes after our temple trip

3- My companions and I. Hermana Gonzalez in green and Hermana Sanchez in pink

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