Friday, June 14, 2013

Small Miracles

Well Hi There!

I'm glad that you managed to get an email out, sounds like you almost died a couple times there. I'm very impressed, I think I want to do this Tough Mudder thing one day. I am very proud of you. The photos are great, quite funny. You look pretty happy considering the electroshock therapy. I'd like to hear Dad's point of view of all this. So, do you think you'll do it again? 

Hermana Bowers and I worked really hard this week and we saw ALOT of small miracles. We really focused on having a prayer in our heart all day so that we could be guided by the Spirit exactly where to go. We made quite a few decisions that we hadn't planned on that lead us to find new families to teach. One night we were coming to the end of our proselyting time and we hadn't accomplished our goal for finding new people, we stopped and said a quick prayer and within 10 minutes we had found 2 new families that said we could come by and visit them. Little things like that. 

Oh, and then there is last night. Our area is divided in two parts and our half is farther from the house where we live so we always have to leave kind early to get home on time. Well, last night we were with a member visiting some of our investigators, we left one of the houses late and missed the final bus to take us home. The member we were with started to get a little concerned because it was dark and she didn't want to walk really late. And we were concerned because the rule is we have to be in the house by 8:30, no later. There was no way we could drop her off at her house and then get back to ours on time, and we weren't going to let her walk home alone...but we also knew that we had to be obedient. We didn't know what else to do so we just started walking toward her house as fast as we could and I started praying that somehow we could get home on time. When suddenly a red car pulled up beside us and I heard a very happy "Hola Hermanas!" I looked over to see Celso and Irene!  I freaked out, I could not believe that they were there. I've been thinking and praying about Celso and Irene alot. They offered us a ride and we quickly got in the car. We made it home on time and I got to visit with them for a little while. Heavenly Father answered two of my prayers at once. Also, Irene is pregnant with their second baby! 

And you know the week is an interesting one when you receive a call from president during companionship study (or at any time really). Hermana Bowers got transferred back to the city this morning. She is going to stay there for the next 3 weeks to help work things out for the mission nurse of the new mission. I am going to  stay here in Monte Cristo with Hermana Sanchez (Mexico) and Hermana Gonzalez (Guatemala) first Latina companions, hopefully my Spanish will get better (and my English will probably get worse...sorry). Then in 3 weeks Hermana Bowers will come back and we'll be companions again. President said he is pretty sure and happy with that decision. So it looks like I will be staying in President Glazier's mission after all. Being in a tri should be I think. Hermana Sanchez and Hermana Gonzalez are both really good missionaries and I have alot to learn from them in this short amount of time. 

So it's June 3rd...I entered the MTC 8 months ago today, yet I still feel like I am brand new in the mission. Sometimes when I'm walking down the street looking at the abundance of fruit trees (Mango, avacado, olive, banana, cashew, almond) or sitting in a house with a family that I have come to love or laughing with the other missionaries on P-day, I get lost in my thoughts for a second because I realize that this can't last forever. Sometimes I wish it would never end. I do miss home of course, I'm not saying I don't, but sometimes a year and a half just doesn't seem long enough. My companion Hermana Sanchez only has 3 weeks left of her mission, when I got here she had less than a year. Time does go fast here. 

I love you. I miss you. I pray for you. 

Hermana Giossi

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