Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feliz Dia Papa!


First and foremost a very "Feliz Dia Papa!" to Daddy. I love you with todo mi corazon! And I really miss you. Today we went to the Air Museum and I kept thinking about how much you would have loved it. I shall attach a photo even though they are ugly. But I hope you had an amazing Father's Day! And also, I want to wish Pop-pop a Happy Fathers Day (we'll skip the Spanish for him) and thank him for all he is doing to support me in my mission. 

I'm sorry if this email isn't going to be super great but I have about 20 minutes to write because of our activities today. Anyway, there are a whole bunch of missionaries here right now and I was looking at some photos from the tough mudder. I was stopped on one of Daddy and an Elder asked me "Who is that?!" and he didn't believe it was my Dad because he is "bien cholo" which I think i have explained means like muscular or stocky. Then he wanted to see Mom so I showed him the picture of the two of you...he couldn't believe how athletic you were! So both look great!

The pictures with the girls are precious. I love the first one where you can see Bary looking on very cautiously...I know he was just freaking out. Haha. I miss Somerset delicious. I can't believe the Pats signed Tim Tebow...that's so weird. My little brother is growing up and I don't even know what is happening...I have to tell you I often think about Zach when I am with the Elders.I hope he has the desire to serve a mission one day. The Elders have such amazing faith. 

My big accomplishment this week...I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish! It only took me 3 months! I also finished the New Testament inEnglish and started the Old Testament yesterday. I love the scriptures. We can learn so much from them. Sometimes I feel like the time I have in the day to study them just isn't enough. They really do have power. We have a new investigator (niece of Lisset) who is 15 years old and in 4 days read through 1 Nephi 8. She says she just feels so good reading it and doesn't want to stop. And she has already come to church twice. I love watching the Holy Spirit work in the lives of others. 

Thank you so much for all that you do for me. And to all my friends and ward family for the love I feel. I love you all. 

Hermana Victoria Giossi

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