Monday, November 11, 2013

"Champitas" House of Metal - A Humble Country

Haha, seriously, my companions almost died when they saw the photo Daddy sent of me cheering. Dad, maybe you shouldn't spend too much time in my makes you miss me too much he he  Don't worry I'll be home in a short 5 months...its like one semester of school. 

From the looks of all this race pictures you've been sending me I will need to buy some lime green workout gear. Sweet! I already have the socks! 

I had totally forgotten about Pinterest. But I cant believe that Nana is using it, that is crazy. I have learned quite a few recipes here, mostly for drinks great for summer but I can also make a pretty good guacamole (yes, I now eat guacamole). We're going to have some fun experimenting when I get home.

Mom, as far as all the work for the family. Start now! Get Grandpa and Joe baptized now! Have Gi Gi meet with the Sister Missionaries!

This week for us was good. We have working hard and still seeing the results. This week we saw a small miracle in that 4 investigators and 14 less-actives came to church! My smile grew as each one of them entered the chapel, I just couldn't hold in my excitement. I also gave a talk in sacrament meeting using the talk by Elder Andersen in the April Conference "It's a Miracle". 

Today we stopped by the business of a member-she owns her own beauty school and cuts and styles all the missionaries (The Ramos Family that take care of us big time). They have one son in the mission and one who is leaving the 4th of December. She grabbed me in a hug and said "I hope Hermana Giossi stays here with us" and then later she was looking at me and said "I really do feel like you are all my children. i love you all." She's amazing. I know I have the chance to know them because of the way my family takes care of the missionaries...please don't stop haha.

Gotta Go! Love you lots! Miss you tons! 

Hermana Giossi


you wanted to see houses...this is a house of one of our old investigators. We call the house of metal "champitas". But don't worry not all the houses are like this. 

I love the mission...its an adventure! 

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