Monday, November 11, 2013

My Feet Belong to Someone Else

For some reason this week they shortened our writing time....... This week was great! Jose Emerito got baptized. The Friday before his baptism we visited him and he told us that the week before we came he had been praying to grow closer to God again and in the same week we came to the house with his friend. He took that to be his answer and for that reason was so willing to obey all the commandments without a second thought.

I was a little sad however because Hermana Anaya wasn't able to see it. Last Monday during lunch President called us (that always means somethings up) and told us we would have changes. We ran around like crazy packing Hermana Anaya bags to make it to change at 5pm. She didn't go very far (still in San Miguel) but I do miss her. My new companion is Hermana Martinez, I am training her. She is from SonSonate El Salvador and also waiting for a visa to Argentina but wants to change her mission to stay here. She served a 5 months mini-mission and therefor is super prepared! She is young though and sometimes it shows. But I love her and we laugh a ton! 

Other than that I don't really know what to say haha. Oh, I am working with less active members and I have been trying to figure out how to help them. I don't know if maybe Mom, Dad Nana and PopPop could help me by sending me your stories. I'd love to know what helped you come back to the church, how it felt and everything. Thanks. 

All my love,

Hermana Victoria Giossi


1. El Salvador is the land of the hammocks...I totally plan on putting hooks in my house to have one...They're SO comfortable!

2. Our feet. I know, my toes look like they belong to a different person. 

3. Jose feeling happy before his baptism.

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