Wednesday, May 1, 2013

You Can Never Do More for Him than He Does for You


Good news, the church reimbursed me for half of the value of everything I lost last week, I was able to go to the distribution center this week and replace my scriptures and a couple other things. I still need to get a new bag, and all the camera stuff though.The camera wont be hard to find here (I'm in the city remember), nor will it be expensive. The one I looked at last week costs $100 and I have $50 set aside from the church. And I can get the memory cards cheap. I'm sure i can find an adapter somewhere., I'll look and then let you know. As far as the pictures they're gone but the good thing is in the mission you always have a companion so I will just ask Hermana Harria and Hermana Perry for their pics. I was really worried about how I was going to replace all this stuff, thank you so much to Nana for her love and support (now i'm almost crying).

I got my package this week! You're right it was super fun! I've already been using the stickers and the clothes of course. Beef jerkey is delicious. LOVE the bracelet! And I am using the pens as part of my new scripture marking system. The packages get her fast I guess, because that was only like two weeks. 

That's so cool that President Packer came to the ward. Mission Presidents sure are special people. I know that if I don't end up in the same mission as President Glazier I will really miss them. But I also know that the President and his wife are called of God and will be amazing and loving too. I am proud of you for doing missionary work. And I know you will be blessed for it. I often wish I had been a better missionary before my mission and have promised to be one after. 

Things are going well here. Hermana Bowers and I get along pretty well and we're starting to work well together. She works hard and has such a strong desire to help our investigators. Plus, being the nurse is NOT easy, people are always calling, we spend hours every week just helping the other missionaries with their sicknesses.  I have alot of respect for her.I do miss Hermana Perry sometimes. We became such good friends. I just felt like I was companions with one of my friends from school. So, yes it is a different relationship but I am learning just as a did with Hermana Perry and I know that Heavenly Father put me here with Hermana Bowers for a reason. 

The work here is going well. Mariateresa is doing really well, we just need to resolve this one problem and she's golden. We're praying super hard to get this all worked out. It's breaking my heart a little that she can't be baptized yet, in fact it was really bothering me and then she said something that made it okay. She told us that because of things in her life she used to feel really sad and lonely but ever since she started talking to us and learning she's been happy because now she knows that she is never alone. I LOVE THIS WORK!

I read the book Our Search for Happiness by M. Russel Ballard this week and loved it. I wanted to share something with you that I really liked. The book is addressed mainly to people who aren't members and want to know more about the church, about the missionary program he said, "The Lord does bless His missionaries just as surely as they bless the lives of those they teach and baptize. Difficult languages are learned with astonishing speed and skill. Financially strapped families back home find unforeseen means to support their missionaries. Weaknesses become strengths, challenges become opportunities, trials become triumphs and adversity becomes adventure in the service of the Lord." I know that I am truly in the service of the Lord. I am His servant bringing His saving gospel to his children. I love this Gospel and this work with my whole heart. I am grateful everyday for this amazing opportunity. I know that Christ lives. I know that he loves each one of us. 

I pray for you. I miss you. I love you. 

Hermana Giossi

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