Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gettin' Caught in the Rain!!!

Alright here's the deal, it escaped my mind until this past week that on Sunday May 12 I can talk to you on the phone. So now I am kinda panicked that this isn't going to happen. But I do want to talk to you so I will be waiting at the phone at 8:30 PM your time on Sunday the 12th (Mother's Day). Sorry it's so late but we have church until 6:00 (your time) and an appointment the hour after. So I will be there waiting, it should be the same deal as Christmas except that my new phone number is: 
Hope it works out :)

This week was good. We had interviews with President which was definitely the highlight. He is so inspired. He asked two simple questions and the spirit was so strong in the room. I am going to pass the questions on to you: How has your conversion become deeper in the last month (or 6 months)? and How do you feel about your Savior Jesus Christ? Questions to ponder and maybe write down. I had to answer them in the moment...that wasn't easy. I hope I made sense.

The only other things of note that happened is that we got caught in the rain (see attached pictures). It had been kind of a hard day and then the rain started as we were finishing our last appointment. So we RAN home, it took about 5 mins and as you can see I got VERY wet AND I had an umbrella. You may notice a dry spot on my skirt... that's where I was clutching my bag to try and keep my books dry (success! Only because I had them in a plastic bag. I was laughing the whole was like the rain just made everything that had gone wrong that day better. I was SO EXCITED. I just wanted to stare at the rain all night. It's hard to explain but it rains different here. 

Also, I got to explain to a Latino elder what Pepto-Bismol is. That was fun to describe in Spanish. And he still couldn't find it. 

Oh and we have an investigator that according to her husband "never stops reading" her book of Mormon. He told us that and then when he left the room she informed us that he doesn't know the half of it. Sometimes when she is supposed to be cleaning the house or something she reads the book. She says she take the broom and the mop with her upstairs so it looks like she is going to clean but instead she just sits and reads. And then when her husbands calls her to ask what shes doing she walks out with the broom and tells him to leave her alone because she's trying to clean. We were cracking up laughing. If only all of us had the desire to read the scriptures like that. 

I have other stuff I could tell you about but we'll just save it for Sunday (haha, now you HAVE to call) I'll also think about the birthday package and we can talk about it then.

Love you and Miss You!

Hermana Victoria Giossi

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