Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gone Swimming!

When I decided to go on a mission and become a "fisher of men" I didn't think it would include me having to actually cross rivers to find the fish. But this week I basically swam home a couple times. The rainy season is now in full effect. The other night we got caught in a torrential downpour. We were on our way home when it started to rain ALOT. We sought shelter in a little ice cream shop and waited for it to slow down, when it did we RAN for it. But we didn't quite make it home before it got heavy again. We again sought shelter this time in the mercado.  We watched as the water filled the streets up to the point where cars couldn't even was nuts. We were soaked. the water was flowing down the streets like they were rivers. I wish I could have taken a picture. We didn't want to be out too late so we decided to go for it. We ran into a couple of members and the 4 of us worked as a team to cross the street while protecting our bags and their food. The water was above my knees at some points, it was CRAZY. My books stayed dry so no harm was done. Actually it was a lot of fun, I was just laughing the whole time. (The attached picture is of Hermana Bowers and I with the hermanas we live with, Hermana Sanchez and Hermana Gonzalez after this crazy storm...the other hermanas had quite the adventure getting home 

Things are going well here in Monte Cristo. Its hard work and this week wasn't easy but we are seeing small miracles. We are teaching a woman named Lisset. She is preparing for her Baptism next month and has a real desire that her whole family can learn about the gospel. In fact we are now teaching her niece and sister. They are all amazing and are applying faith and repentance in their lives like I have never seen. So many changes in them. I love this gospel so much. Lisset also told us that she loves the way Hermana Bowers and I teach. She said she feels like we really care about her concerns and really use the doctrine of the lessons to answer her questions. That made us super happy. 

We had a multi-zone conference this week with President and Hermana Glazier. That's also a fun experience. Hermana Glazier taught a great principle. She said something that really hit me, "It doesn't matter where you are, it matters where you are going." It's so true. We were sent here to this earth to learn and to progress. If we aren't doing that it doesn't matter how great of a person we are; we are not fulfilling our potential or our purpose here on earth. 

I was wondering if you could do me a favor and go on my facebook and get me Irene (Celso's wife's email). Just send her a quick message that says 
" Hola. Yo soy la mama de Hermana Giossi. A ella le gustaria enviarles un mensage pero necessita su correro electronico. Si prodria enviarlo a mi, seria bueno. Muchas Gracias. Rhonda Giossi." Thanks mom!

While we're talking about business I was wondering if maybe you could pick me up a cheap watch. Something simple. And also in a future package some MIO (it's the drink mix stuff). Thanks.

Sounds like you will all be having alot of fun today. I fully expect pictures. And make sure you let Zach know I say FELIZ CUMPLIAƑOS! I miss Nana's cooking alot by the way...I was thinking about it last night haha. 

Love you and Miss you!

Hermana Victoria Giossi

Take care of Pop-Pop sounds like all this exercise and being rejected is taking it's toll :/

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