Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Count of Monte Cristo

Hello Again. 

Well it sounds like it was quite the exciting week at home. 2 5k's and a spin-a-thon, and apparently Pop-Pop went and worked out too? That's more athletic activities than I've done in my whole life  haha. You guys are CRAZY! I'm so excited to hear about the Tough Mudder! When is that again? Also, you guys all look great! I need to start running if I'm going to catch up with this super attractive fit family of mine. 

I had a pretty exciting week too. On Tuesday I got to go hang out at Presidents house while Hermana Bowers did medical examinations on the new missionaries. It's kinda fun being her little assistant...kinda of. And then we found out about changes. I probably should have seen this coming but I just didn't want to focus on it. About 2 weeks ago President informed Hermana Bowers and I that there was "A very good probability of changing the two of us together to an area which is in the mission over which he will preside". Usually President doesn't take a companionship and move them together to a new area so I was a little shocked. I was even more shocked when it actually happened. Haha. We are now opening an area called Monte Cristo (hence the lame email title). It's a challenge but I do enjoy a challenge. We are outside the city now, which I like. It's a lot different. Poorer. But the people are more friendly. We also live with 2 other Hermanas which is pretty fun at night. We all mostly just read and journal together but it's nice to have company. 

I am attaching some pictures of clothes that I really like and serve me well. You probably should not send me anything that costs too much money as the hand washing does not treat clothing very well. My wardrobe is sad.  (because all my clothes are stretching like CRAZY due to hand washing). Also, another more fitted style black skirt would be nice. Blehh I'm picky. 

I love you guys so much and I miss you like crazy. But I want you to know that I am growing so much. This is probably the hardest thing I have ever done, but I get to experience miracles every day. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. I know that they love us and that if we have faith the love is SO easy to see. Prayers are answered everyday. 

Love you,

Hermana Victoria Giossi

P.S. You asked what the chapels here look like. Here is the mansion chapel that I now attend on Sundays. It's two
stories...and has an elevator. 

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  1. Never had to open a new area or transfer with a companion. Sounds like it could be fun and challenging. In either case the President and more importantly the Lord has trust in you and your capabilities. keep up the good work.