Monday, August 5, 2013

Yeah, It's Hot Here

...I have been transferred to the hottest part of the country! In fact part of me wishes the shower water was just a little bit colder. I bathe twice a day; once at night just before I go to bed, I do it fully clothed and then sleep in my wet clothing to keep cooler...yeah, its hot here. I have never sweat SO much! I am now in the zone San Miguel (you can look at a map of El Salvador and will see that it is one the other side of the country from San Salvador. After 10 months in the city I am in the country. Me and my two companions (Hermana Sosa and Hermana Fuentes) are the first Hermanas here in 4 years! The ward is SO excited to have us!

This week was pretty crazy! Wednesday we had change meeting. I was so nervous, looking at the new Hermanas wondering which two would be my companions, wondering where I would be going. What area I would be opening. Imagine my surprise when my face popped up in the "elder Zone"...everyone gasped and President was just laughing. He just looked at me "How do you feel Hermana Giossi?" "Good" "Oh yeah, have you ever been to San Miguel?" "Nope" "Get ready for a long trip." Haha. Its like 3 hours from my old area.
My companions are also super excited to be opening an area. We talked alot on the bus ride and I could already tell they were amazing. I am learning so much from them already.

There are definitely challenges ahead for us though. We got here Wednesday night and were greeted by the two Elders who we will be sharing the ward with. They're great! The three of us were told we had about an hour to study and then we had to go to a meeting with the ward mission leader and the elders. Turns out this ward is in trouble. We have 90 days to get the church attendance from about 67 to 120. We were trying to plan all of the ideas we could think of and people kept passing by the room smiling at us. They could not believe that we are here and they are so excited to have us. I have never felt so welcome in a ward. We feel a little pressure too though because this ward is expecting alot from us. I know there will be lots of prayer and fasting in the future.

The members are amazing here though. They take care of us. I have eaten with members every single day. Some of them don't have a lot but they are just so willing and happy to feed all five of us missionaries. This Saturday we did a big ward service project (see picture below of me with my companions). It was so much fun...I think service projects are my favorite thing to do in the mission...second only to baptisms. We saw a miracle here yesterday. Last week the ward had a church attendance of 67 people...this week it was 108! Less active members who hadn't come in years came! I know that the Lord's hand is guiding the growth of His church. 

I loved reading the email this week. Cried a little bit reading about the family get together. Good to know you all haven't forgotten me just yet. I miss you all too; Especially when we eat with members because I think of our family dinners with the missionaries. I'm glad people enjoy reading the blog. Sometimes I think my emails are probably a little boring but I do my best :) I love you and miss you.
Hermana Giossi

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  1. Your e-mails are not in the least boring. Love regarding them.