Friday, August 9, 2013

I am Learning a Ton

President was right when he told me this would be hard. This week was rough...but I can feel my faith growing. We didnt have many lessons and our numbers were a little disappointing, but the lessons we did have were really good. I am training a couple of really powerful sisters. Hermana Sosa is a convert of only 2 years (she's actually from San Salvador and is waiting for her visa to Argentina) and has so much faith. She just says " These are trials that we are going through because our faith that we can see miracles is so strong." I am so grateful for her optimism and for both of them with their great desire to learn and grow as missionaries. I feel weird having to be the example for them because I am still learning how to be a missionary haha.

This part of the country is so pretty. I really missed the country after my 10 months straight of life in the city. On Friday for District meeting we went to Morazon (a different department/state) it was SO cool. The hour bus ride was full of gorgeous views. Today we're going to visit some waterfalls in our area. I'll send pictures next week :)
It great hearing from home. Of course I remember last years Surf and Turf spectacular. Mom, you did a great job with the photos this year. The corn looks we eat lots of corn. In more forms than you can imagine. Maybe next summer we can make some "elote loco" (crazy corn)...DELICIOUS!

I received one letter from the Metros in January. I have a response letter written, I just haven't gotten to the post office to send it. If he sent another one I wouldn't worry too much, now that I'm here in San Miguel I'll probably get mail like once a month...maybe.

Dad, it's true there isn't a whole lot in Saint George. But there is a temple with a visitors center ( I have a friend serving in that mission) you could check out. Also, there is Zion'a National Park and Arches National Park near by. Arches is super cool if you have a little time.

That picture of the twins and Travis is priceless...I cannot believe how stinking big Travis is! Who is that kid?
Not going to lie I'm a little embarrassed to hear that my English grammar has declined so terribly that it is noticeable in my letters. Especially considering sometimes I have to write a sentence three times in English to make it sound "right". Oh well. Losing myself in the work right?
Love you. Miss you. Pray for you.
Hermana Victoria Giossi

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  1. Tori's letters are AWESOME! Exactly what a missionary should be writing. Glad to hear she got my letter. :D Take care, friend!