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Noche de Luz

December 9, 2013

YOU WENT TO NEW YORK What!? But hey, there's always next year..just tell Andrew we're going to need space for 5 because I totally plan on being married by next Christmas...just kidding! Engaged maybe...also kidding. Single as always...not kidding. Looks like it was super fun! Zach is huge! What is happening? Also, loved the Elf on the Shelf gag! Pretty funny.  

I'm glad you got my package! it got there in less than 2! I hope to see pictures of all of you in your matching jerseys...I feel like "Daddy looks jacked" means, "Daddy's fits really tight and mommy likes it" Hehe. 

Meanwhile here in El Salvador, I hit my 14 month mark as a missionary. It's weird. Definitely flying by way too fast. In this time I have forgotten a lot of things, English, the United States, what it is to be cold and what its like to wear pants in public. But on Tuesday we sang at a going away for the son of the Ramos Family (the rich one that feeds us all the time) and his parents bore their testimonies. I started thinking about home and how I just want to make you all proud. 

Remember how last year I talked about how these people celebrate everything. Here in San Miguel they celebrate more. We just got through all the craziness of Carnaval and this week we celebrated the "Night of the Lights". Everyone had huge BonFires in their yards, and were setting of fireworks...its was pretty cool. It rained a little but that couldn't kill the spirits of our neighbors...fireworks...all night. 

This week we also went caroling in the center of San Miguel as a district. I have sung alot in public as a missionary, maybe my voice is getting better...but I doubt it. 

When did you send my Christmas package?I am hoping to get it before Christmas so we can put stuff under the Tree (see photo), yes, we actually have a tree this year. I was not going to do the water jug thing as it was. Tomorrow we're going to President's house for the Christmas celebration (remember last year?) and next Tuesday to the Temple (to see the new movie) maybe I will be able to get it one of those days. 

Love you! Miss you! Talk to you soon.

Hermana Giossi

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