Thursday, March 6, 2014

Aguas Negras! Gross!

February 3, 2014

Hi Family!

It was an interesting week here as well. On Tuesday I went on a companion exchange. When we showed up to a missionary correlation meeting my companions informed me that during lunch something happened with the plumbing and our house flooded with "aguas negras"...basically sewer water. Apparently there was so much that it was just spilling down the hill we live on. Luckily the elders were eating lunch with the same sister from the ward. And my companion said the elders rolled up their pant legs and started cleaning the house. We share the ward with some awesome elders. Our house reeks...its not as bad as the first day but it still smells pretty bad. I have had such interesting experiences here in my little country haha. 

We are working hard and having success. This week a General Authority, Elder Duncan came and it was amazing. He talked about change and how we should always be trying to improve. He really inspired me to just be a better missionary. To work harder and LOVE more. Love the people even when they aren't easy to love. I think that is one of the things I have learned the most about out here. That charity really is the answer. If we can just see people as Heavenly Father sees them we have no choice but to love them. And the best way to see this way, is to serve them. My goal for this year is to serve more. Serving makes me happy! 

I love you! I hope everything really is okay! I'm proud of you! 


Hermana Giossi

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